Do I Need Foreign Corporation Registration?

Many business owners and investors doing business in multiple states often ask the question of whether their company, that is set up in one state needs to be registered into the other state(s) where they are doing business. This registration from your state of...

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The Not So Well Known Benefits of Roth IRAs

Many investors and financial professionals are familiar with the primary benefits of a Roth IRA: that after you pay taxes on the money going into the Roth IRA that the plans investments grow tax free and come out tax free.  That being said, there are so many more...

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Utilizing Multiple LLCs & A New Series LLC State

Last year Kansas became the ninth state to adopt a Series LLC statute and their law is now in full effect. A Series LLC allows a real estate investor with multiple properties to increase their asset protection by minimizing their liabilities between properties.  But...

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Navigating the 2013 Capital Gain Tax Maze

Before the new 2013 capital gains rates went into effect taxpayers had a relatively simple way of understanding their capital gains taxes as there was only two rates for long term capital gains: zero percent for low income earners and 15% for middle and upper income...

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