What to Use?: A Warranty, Grant or Quit Claim Deed

When it comes to transferring property, such as our rental properties into LLCs and our personal residence into a Trust, it can be confusing understanding the differences between a Quit Claim Deed, Warranty Deed and other terms that may be thrown out. Some states use...

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Seller Financed Deals and Installment Sales

Selling property as an installment sale can be a creative way to sale property and can also be a good way to defer the payment of taxes. An installment sale is a sale where a part of or the entire sales price is paid in later years. If you finance the buyer’s purchase...

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LLC Versus Umbrella Policy

Many real estate investors and landlords often ask whether they should use an umbrella insurance policy or a LLC to protect them from liabilities that may arise on their rental property. An LLC protects the owner of the LLC from liabilities that arise on any property...

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