RISE Act Bill Update for Self Directed IRA Investors

The RISE Act proposed by Senator Ron Wyden of Oregon would significantly impact self-directed IRAs. I previously wrote about the bill here and provided a detailed analysis. In summary, the bill would require that all self-directed IRA investment purchases be valued by...

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Can I Get Out of the Annuity I Bought with My IRA?

I've consulted many clients over the years who used their IRA funds to buy an annuity investment. The most common questions I get are as follows. What is an annuity? Now mind you, these are persons who already own an annuity. Can I cancel it and get my money back to...

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Asset Protection for Your Self Directed IRA

Many self directed IRA investors misunderstand or are unaware of the protections afforded to their IRA (Roth or traditional) as it relates to creditors and judgments. This article seeks to address the key areas of the law that every self directed IRA investor should...

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