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“Wealth isn’t your destiny, it’s your decision. Decide, commit, and act. It’s up to the person you trust and rely on the most. It’s up to you.”

– Mat Sorensen – Wealth Lawyer – Coach – Award Winning Entrepreneur – Best Selling Author

Wealth Lawyer & Award Winning Entrepreneur

I went from being a broke teen dad to building generational wealth. I built wealth the “old-fashioned way.” I put myself through school, learned a valuable skill – business, retirement, tax law – and built a 60-person law firm with an incredible partner. I paid off credit cards and student loans, saved, bought investment real estate, and maxed out retirement accounts. I founded Directed Trust Company, an INC 5000 award-winning company where I serve as CEO and am an expert in retirement accounts and planning. We have 15,000 accounts and administer over $1.5 billion in assets.

Founder & CEO – Directed IRA & Directed Trust Company

Senior Partner – KKOS Lawyers

Co-Founder & Managing Partner – Main Street Business Services

Head Coach – Team Wealth Building

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