IRS Announces 2015 Retirement Plan Contribution Limits

The IRS recently announced 2015 retirement plan contributions limits. Despite the typical bad news coming from the IRS, this year we see increases in HSA and 401(k) contributions for 2015. Here’s a quick breakdown on the changes.

– IRA contribution limitations (roth and traditional) stayed at $5,500 with an additional $1,000 catch-up amount for those 50 and older.

– HSAs contribution limits increased ($50 indiv/$100 fam) from $3,300 individual and $6,550 family to $3,350 individual and $6,650 family.

– 401(k) contributions also increased on the employee and employer side. Employee contribution limitations increased from $17,500 to $18,000 for 2015. Also, the additional catch-up contribution for those 50 and older increased from $5,500 to $6,000. The annual maximum 401(k) (defined contribution) total contribution amount increased from $52,000 to $53,000 ($59,000 for those 50 and older).

There were additional modest increases to defined benefit plans and to certain income phase-out rules. Please refer to the IRS announcement for more details here.

All of these accounts provide tax advantageous ways for an individual to either save for retirement or to pay for their medical expenses. If you’re looking for tax deductions, you should determine which of these accounts is best for you. Keep in mind there are qualification and phase out rules that apply so make sure you are getting competent advice about which accounts should be set up in your specific situation.

By: Mat Sorensen, Attorney & Author of The Self Directed IRA Handbook