I am a partner in a law firm in Chicago and I have worked with Mat on my personal real estate and business ventures. Mat has given me practical and wise advice which has helped me make profitable decisions. I highly recommend Mat
K.M. , - Attorney & Real Estate Investor
"[Mat] is completely devoted to his clients and continually strives to stay abreast of changes and updates in the law. Mat is an unbelievably hard worker and...I don't hesitate to recommend Mat's services to anyone as I know he will take care of them and give them simple, concise, and straightforward solutions to any legal issue they may be facing.”
Kenneth P. Childs, - Chief Legal Officer, Stake Center Locating
Mathew Sorensen is a great resource and I use him consistently for real estate law questions. He is a wealth of information and will always give you a great knowledge base. I have been using KKOS for a while now and am very impressed and happy with their services.
Mathew Owens, - CPA, Real Estate Investor
I have had the opportunity to engage Mat's services on many occasions and have found him to be diligent and reliable. He has always been committed to delivering high-quality work and is very professional. He is well-liked and respected by his peers. He has my most sincere recommendation.
Kim Jacobs, - Treasurer, Jacobs Construction, Inc.
Mat is a highly qualified...lawyer specializing in real estate. He's personable and professional, knows his stuff and is a nice guy. It doesn't get any better than that. I really liked the way he explained everything to me at my level so I got it. He also advised the best way for me to proceed with my RE investments. He handled my case in a timely manner with high integrity.
Valerie Griffin, - Owner, Griffin Investment Properties
Mat's advice can be trusted. He is both knowledgeable about the impact of potential litigation and brings creativity to all that he does. It is enjoyable to work with him.
Bill Carlson, - CFO, Authentic Property Investors
My wife and I recently sought Mat's help with estate planning and couldn't have been more satisfied. Mat's professionalism, honesty, creativity and attention to detail is second to none. What impresses me the most about Mat can be summed up as "diverse". Mat's vast knowledge and experience in a plethora of differing areas of the law is astounding. I highly recommend Mat to my clients and friends seeking legal help.
Kade Creamer, - Owner, Creamer Insurance Agency, Inc.
I have retained Mathew Sorensen several times for multiple real estate deals and have been very pleased with his efforts and work product and will continue to use him in the future.
Bill Sthay, - Real Estate Investor
Mathew is the legal partner for the majority of my clients. Matthew provides solid legal advice, precise strategic planning, appropriate corporate structure development, and is readily available to consult with his clients on all legal and business manners. Matthew is well respected and has a extremely large network in the successful real estate investor world. Matthew is reliable, professional and an all around great partner to have on your side.
Jennifer Cayton, - CFO Consultant, Premier Accounting and Financial, Inc.
"We have used Matt for many legal matters and he always comes through with shining colors. I highly recommend Matt for any legal or tax matter.”
Christine Farkas, - Real Estate Broker & Investor
I was referred to Matt for help in setting up an IRA owned LLC. Matt and his team did an incredible job completing the work in a few short days. The process was professional, efficient and cost effective. I continue to rely on Matt for guidance running the LLC and related real estate matters. Not only is Matt a good lawyer, he runs a great office. It is easy for me to recommend Matt and his team.
Richard Davis,
Mat is truly an expert on self directed IRAs, and his book is the one book that every self directed IRA investor should read.
Mark J. Kohler, - CPA, Attorney, Author
Mat's book is an excellent resource for self directed IRA owners and their advisors. It is the first of its kind in our industry. Mat has truly written an “Authoritative Guide” for self directed IRAs.
Pamela Constantino, - President, Polycomp Trust Company
Mat's books is a great reference guide for self-directed IRA investing – Best I’ve seen in 30 years of being in the business.
Harry Veldkamp, - CEO, Polycomp Trust Company
The "Self Directed IRA Handbook" by attorney Mat Sorensen is the most comprehensive book ever written about one of the best investment and retirement savings tools ever created: the Self-Directed IRA. Mat has performed the impossible by effectively delivering complex information in an easily understandable manner for the layperson, while providing the necessary legal basis to suit the professional. Mat's book is a "must read" for investors, attorneys, CPAs, and other professionals and other interested individuals wanting to learn about all there is to know about Self-Directed IRAs.
Tom W. Anderson, - President, RITA, and Founder and Vice Chairman, PENSCO Trust Company
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