2014 Solo 401(k) Contribution Deadlines
Mat Sorensen


December 2, 2014

I posted a comprehensive article last week about 2014 retirement plan contributions in general. However, as the year ends I wanted to highlight three important deadlines you must know if you plan to set-up a Solo 401(k) in 2014. A solo 401(k) is a retirement plan for small business owners or self employed persons who have no other full time employees other than owners and spouses. It’s a great plan that can be self directed into real estate, LLCs or other alternative investments, and that allows a the owner to contribute up to $52,000 per year (far more than any IRA). Keep in mind though that it is just for self employed persons and new business owners.

2014 Solo 401(k) Setup Deadlines

First, the 401(k) must be adopted by your business by December 31, 2014. Practically speaking, this means you should be starting soon (if you haven’t already) so that documents can be completed in time. If the 401(k) is established on January 1, 2015, or later you cannot make 2014 contributions.

Second, both employee and employer contributions can be made up to the company’s tax return deadline INCLUDING extensions. If you have a sole proprietorship (e.g. single member LLC or schedule C income) or partnership then the tax return deadline is April 15, 2015. If you have an s-corporation or c-corporation, then the tax return deadline is March 15, 2015. Both of these deadlines may be extended 6 months by filing an extension and the date to make 2014 contributions will also be extended.

Third, while employee and employer contributions may be extended until the company tax return deadline you will typically need to file W-2’s for your wages (e.g. an s-corporation) by January 31, 2015. The W-2 will include your wage income and any deduction for employee retirement plan contributions from your wage income will be reduced on the W-2. As a result, you should make your employee contributions (up to $17,500 for 2014) by January 31, 2014 or you should at least determine the amount you plan to contribute so that you can file an accurate W-2 by January 31, 2015.

For more details on the contribution deadlines, please visit my prior blog article here.

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