Deco asked 2 months ago

Here is the situation.   I have a condo in Florida with which I rent half of it and live in the other half.  The condo is titled in my name currently. I will be moving to the new condo that I am in the process of purchasing.  I will rent out the part of the condo I currently live in. I would like to have more asset protection for this condo that I will now rent out 100%. I will want to move my Florida homestead and VA benefit to my new condo at the appropriate time.   I am thinking about whether I should do a Florida Land Trust for the new condo.  Should I? For the old condo, what would be best to do?  Create a new LLC and warranty deed it over?  At what cost basis?  I have another LLC already for another condo.  I could also put the old condo into this LLC. Should I sell the old condo to this LLC? Alternatively, should I sell my condo to my business LLC doing business as an S-corp?   I am obviously looking to do this the best tax and asset protection way.   I look forward to your reply.