Tom asked 3 weeks ago

 I am purchasing a self-serve car wash and need a down payment of $100k.  I have a self-directed IRA with Directed IRA but haven’t moved funds to it yet from my old 401k.  I need the cash flow from the car wash to come to me rather than going to the IRA. plus I plan on doing the maintenance myself so I can’t buy the car wash with my IRA.    My question is can my Directed IRA account lend me the $100k personally for the down payment? If so what loan documents would I need?  If I can’t do a loan to myself should I take the tax hit and take the $100k from my 401k and then transfer the rest of my 401k funds to my Directed IRA account?  Also, is the car wash on the right side of the trifecta like my rental properties?