Fall 2021 SDIRA Summit Video Series


  • 8+ Hours of the best Self-Directed Retirement Account information available
  • Featuring leading experts Mat Sorensen & Mark Kohler
  • Topics include everything from beginning rules and steps to get started to advanced concepts and strategies

This Product includes:

  • Over 8-hours of content on the leading self-directed retirement account strategies.
  • Strategy sessions with leading experts in self-directed strategies including Mat Sorensen, Mark Kohler, and more.
  • Full downloadable access to the Summit workbook and account guides.

Topics Include

  • Strategies using IRAs, HSAs, Coverdells, and 401(k)s.
  • Self-directed IRA essentials: getting started & what is possible.
  • Rules & avoiding prohibited transactions.
  • An inside look at investing your SDIRA in real estate & promissory notes.
  • Investing in Bitcoin & cryptocurrency.
  • Roth strategies including the backdoor Roth, kid Roth, and Roth conversion chunking.
  • Avoiding and navigating UBIT and UDFI with your IRA or 401(k).
  • and MORE!

Speakers Include

  • Mat Sorensen - Founder and CEO of Directed IRA & Directed Trust Company.
  • Mark J. Kohler - Founder and CFO of Directed IRA & Directed Trust Company.
  • Aaron Halderman - Senior Vice President of Directed IRA & Directed Trust Company.
  • Chris Loeffler - CEO and Co-Founder of Caliber, a leading full-service real estate investment company that provides accredited investors and registered investment advisors with well-structured alternatives to traditional investments.